We hunt the Western Cook Inlet area south west of Anchorage,Alaska.   These are all fly in hunts 50-100 miles out. You will be flown in by bush plane to one of several small airstrips located right in the heart of some great bear country.  This area has so many bears it has been deemed a predator control area and has a nonresident limit of 3 black bears and 2 brown bears per year. 

The Hunt: 

This hunt is a great black bear hunt with a good chance at shooting a brown bear for about half of a normal brown bear hunt. It includes two black bears or a black and brown bear. Black bear range from 6-7 foot squared and brown bear are typically 7-8 1/2’ squared. 
 We offer two types of hunts, spot and stalk and bait hunts. If you choose to hunt spot and stalk you will be flown into one of my high ridge camps. From base camp you and your guide will be glassing for a bear you’d like to shoot. You will be walking a mile or two checking different small drainages. A typical day will turn up several black bear sightings and typically a few brown bear as well.  
 If you choose to hunt bait you will be flown into a camp set up close to an active bait where you will several bears during your hunt. All bait have are well established and have had the same bears coming back year after year.  The stands are either elevated ladder stand or two man popup ground blinds.


Comfortable tent camps, eating freeze dried food as well as fresh foods packed in at the beginning of your hunt.


1X1 hunts are $8,500.  2X1 hunts are available for $7,500. Additional black bears can be shot for $1,500 trophy fee and browns for $5000.


This is a 7 day hunt including travel days to and from camp. Hunts take place between May 15-June 25 and August 1- September 30th.


Your own professional guide, in field meat and trophy care,airport pick up, meals and lodging during the hunt.

Not Included:

Hunting license, tags, tips, airfare to Anchorage, additional lodging before and after the hunt, trophy expediting and taxidermy.

License Information:

Purchase license and tags upon arrival in Anchorage.


Fly to the city of Anchorage, AK where you will be met by your Outfitter or guide.